I have two passions in my life, writing and communicating with  people. My father, Ken Collister recognized my love for writing when I was only seven- years- old. Writing was simply a pastime back then, but it allowed me to express creativity. Not many people cared about my quirky hobbies like catching frogs, climbing trees, and rescuing kittens from the wild. But that didn’t stop me from documenting the experiences. Throughout high school and college, writing continued to be a strong suit of mine. As a freshman at Loyola University Chicago, I enrolled in an introductory English and writing course. Andrew Sigel, the professor assigned a 15 page final paper, where students could pick any subject to write about. I wrote my paper about an extremely talented musical artist, Elliott Smith. Researching and writing the paper fueled my imagination, and Professor Sigel encouraged me to keep writing. So I did, and thus far it has paid off. My position at Evanston Now led to an editorial internship at the Chicago Tribune. Now I’m a content strategist at Leo Burnett Arc Worldwide, helping brands plan for and maintain content that meets their users’ needs. It’s been quite a journey to reach this point in my career, but I’m excited to see what the future holds.