David Perez Leaves Leo Burnett for AKQA

Creative recruiter David Perez left his gig at Leo Burnett Chicago in April to work as a creative recruiter at international ad agency AKQA in San Francisco, according to Agency Spy.

AKQA confirmed Perez’s arrival to the Bay Area, and his official title is now senior creative recruiting manager. And he reports to Jennifer Remling, global director of recruiting at the agency, according to Agency Spy.

At least he said goodbye on Twitter: “Thanks @LeoBurnett for 5 dope years and giving me a career. Interwebs follow my new life @agencyofayear This is David on Demand signing off.”

Leo Burnett Chicago confirmed his career move on Twitter via a direct message “Unfortunately David is leaving the agency” they said on April 11.

Perez launched his career in the advertising industry by “accident.”  He was a barista at a coffee shop down the street from Leo Burnett’s Chicago office.

Jenny Hudak McCabe who directed strategy recruiting at the agency was a regular at the coffee shop. So she and Perez developed a “rapport.”

“One day after a gift box flew off the shelf and hit me in the face and gave me a Welch. Jenny noticed I wasn’t my normal cheery self and asked me what was wrong. I said I’m a college graduate and I need a job. She said I work at Leo Burnett and I literally said what’s that? So she got me a job at Leo Burnett working the front desk” Perez said in a Leo Burnett video.

Leo Burnett sent him to the Cannes Festival  in 2010 as “David on Demand” to promote the Wildfire Seminar, showcasing real time examples of marketing and public relations, according to Contagious Magazine.

“I get to go to Cannes under one big condition. I’ve got to wear these…web cam enabled glasses. This is David on Demand. Everything I see while I’m in Cannes, you see. Right over there- that’s a Twitter feed. Everything I do you control. You tweet me to go jump in the found at the Martinez, that’s what I do. I’m your bitch, I’m your slave. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.”

Three months ago Perez starred in the first #askdavid video on Leo Burnett’s vimeo channel. Young hopefuls tweeted questions @davidondemand about how to get their foot in the door at the agency.  Perez responded through a series of seven videos, highlighting the most relevant questions asked on Twitter. He even responded to one my brave little tweets:

Although Perez is no longer in the windy city, his last #askdavid video leaves fans with a sense of longing. That is a longing to work in the advertising industry, to drink margaritas, to sing karaoke and attend South by Southwest. Goodbye David, you will be sorely missed. AKQA is lucky to have you.


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