Three Lethal Blunders Marketers Make on Twitter

Recently, a Chief Technology Officer asked me what are the most common mistakes marketers make on Twitter? Managing multiple twitter accounts for echogravity over the last six months prepared me to answer this question.  So after some consideration, I compiled a of the three most common, yet lethal mistakes marketers make on Twitter. Feel free to disagree or add more mistakes to the list in the comments section!

1. Disengagement is the worst mistake marketers make on Twitter. I’ve seen it happen before when a company develops a twitter following and runs for the hills without informing their audience. Leaving your twitter followers in the dust is very dangerous. They may submit questions to your company via @mentions and no one will respond. While you’re in Maui sipping pina coladas, your followers are left in cyberspace to fend for themselves. It’s unprofessional to abandon them. If you have to say goodbye, then let them know in advance and tweet an email address where you can be reached.

2. Partial Engagement: As a senior in high school with long legs and an appreciation for running, I decided to join the track team.  Ever since elementary school, I had dreamt about running competitively. Little did I know, it took a lot of courage,  and patience to master the hurdles.  Since I was afraid of falling on my face during a race, I overcompensated while jumping over the “obstacles.” This resulted in slower times, and fewer wins. To conquer my fear, I spent 15 minutes after each practice jumping over the hurdles. It didn’t take too long to master the proper form. Finally when I ran my last 350 meter hurdle race, I glided over the hurdles fearlessly.

Similarly, many marketers are afraid to fully commit to Twitter. Having a presence on this social medium doesn’t suffice in the digital age. Perhaps staying under the radar is comfortable for you or your client. Maybe they don’t want to devote several hours a day to fully engaging with their audience on Twitter. In order to win in the game of social media, it requires your full attention. That could mean tweeting more often, following more individuals, participating in Twitter chats or even hiring a new employee to manage your social media efforts. Don’t be afraid to fall on your face once in awhile. It might hurt in the moment, but you’ll learn a lot in the process.

3. Neglecting to Measure Results: I can’t stress the importance of measuring social media engagement enough. Hootesuite analytics, a social media software tools tracks the number of click through on tweets, top referrers, clicks by region and the most popular links. For bloggers and marketers alike, it’s important to record social media statistics in a marketing dashboard. Otherwise, it’s difficult to adapt your social media marketing strategy. To measure results on Twitter each week, record the following metrics in an Excel spreadsheet:

  • Number of @mentions
  • Klout Score
  • Number of click throughs on tweets
  • Number of times re-tweeted
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Number listed

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Twitter to your advantage, then visit the Twitter guide book on Mashable’s website.

Image Credit: carrotcreative via Flickr


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