Top 10 Advertising Agencies in Chicago

1. Ogilvy & Mather: David Ogilvy founded the agency in 1948 and began with a staff of two. Over the last 60 years, Ogilvy created campaigns for American Express, Ford, Shell, Dove, IBM, Kodak and many more.  Today the agency has 450 plus offices in 169 cities.  A number of women hold executive positions at Ogilvy including Shenan Chuang, CEO of Ogilvy China and Lauren Crampsie, Global CMO .

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2. Leo Burnett: After mortgaging his home, Leo Burnett opened the agency’s doors in the midst of the Great Depression. After more than 75 years, Leo Burnett created memorable characters for brands such as the Marlboro Man, Tony the Tiger, Pillsbury Doughboy and Mayhem for Allstate. Leo Burnett is headquartered in Chicago, and one of the largest communications companies in the world.

3. Digitas: an integrated advertising agency with 32 offices in 19 different countries. Digitas Health (healthcare marketing), Prodigious Worldwide (global digital productions) and the Third Act (a brand content platform) are divisions of the agency. Digitas won Sprint as a new client in January, 2011 and as a result the agency is expanding.

4. Draftfcb: one of the largest advertising agency networks with offices in 96 countries and around 9,000 employees.  The agency was formed after the merger of Foote, Cone and Belding (FCB) and Draft in 2006. Dow, Kmart, Boeing, Sony and MillerCoors and some of Draft’s major clients.

5. JWT: the fourth largest advertising agency in the world and is headquartered in New York. The company employs about 10,000 people and has more than 200 offices in more than 90 countries. Bloomberg, Johnson and Johnson, Kraft, Rolex and the United States Marine Corps are some of their major clients.

6. Critical Mass is a marketing agency that creates extraordinary experience’s to drive their clients’ business. This is accomplished through insight/planning, experience design, social media and technology services. The agency has offices in the U.S., Canada, England and Costa Rica. Nissan, Adidas, Budweiser and Nestle are some of their most well known clients.

7. VSA Partners: a brand strategy and design firm employing around 200 people with offices in Chicago, New York and Minnesota. Some of their clients are IBM, American Express, Harley Davidson, GE and many more. I’m somewhat partial towards VSA, because of the great people who work there!

8. Cramer Krasselt: an integrated advertising agency, and the second largest independent agency in the United States. Corona, Porsche, Heinz and AirTran Airways are just some of their most well known clients.

9. BBDO: a worldwide advertising agency network with about 290 offices in 89 countries, employing 15,000 people.

10. Razorfish: one of the world’s largest interactive agencies with around 2,000 employees worldwide.

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