When Life Gets in the Way

After a tough month and a half of severe insomnia I came across an article “When Life Gets In The Way of Your Creative Life” by Kerri Williams. Discovering this factoid of wisdom in the midst of a difficult time was both inspiring and encouraging. It addressed a very important question ‘What can you do when life causes your creativity to come to a screeching halt?’

1.  Don’t Panic – This is easier said than done when things don’t go your way, when bodies and our health fails us. But that’s part of being human. Regardless of what you’re struggling through right now, just know that it won’t last forever…it’s just a season that will pass in God’s timing.

2.  Remember This is Just a Hold – I love the idea of keeping a notebook handy so you can “jot down ideas that are flying around in your brain.” It doesn’t matter whether or not they seem feasible at the moment. Write them down anyway. What do you have to fear besides fear itself? It’s important to remember that the current circumstances that you’re facing whether they’re health issues, unemployment or relationship challenges, God can redeem the situation.

3.  Take Time for Creative Endeavors – Take a little bit of time every day for a creative project. Make sure it’s something that you love. If anyone opposes the idea, tell him or her that it’s absolutely essential. Some of my favorite hobbies are running, writing, reading and socializing with friends. Like the article so poignantly identified, sometimes there are roadblocks that get in the way our creative genius. Push them to the wayside and continue doing what you love. This is so easy to lose sight of when a fierce storm arrives unexpectedly.

 4.  Embrace Change – Storms come our way in life. Sometimes there’s nothing we can do to stop them. As the events are unfolding, we may throw our hands up the air and question “why is this happening?” The reassuring truth that we know as children of God is that there is a plan and a purpose for everything. If the storm causes you to be more daring and brave, then it has already served a purpose.

 5.  Be Open to New Possibilities – Whatever happens, it’s important to stay open to new possibilities, even if you don’t know what they are at the moment. Because the future is in God’s hands.

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