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VSA Detroit: “Hustle and Muscle” of the Motor City

 About a year ago, while researching ad agencies on LinkedIn, I stumbled on Jeff Cruz’s profile and discovered that he opened VSA Partners in Detroit, MI. After reaching out to him via email, he agreed to meet at a Starbucks in Royal Oak to discuss interactive advertising and the like. We discussed everything from 90’s [...]

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How To Relocate, Build a Network and Maintain Sanity

At the beginning of June, I moved from Chicago to the metro-Detroit area to live closer to my family. At first, I was a little intimidated and less than thrilled to build a new network in an unfamiliar city. After a few weeks passed, I began putting my knowledge of the advertising industry, social media [...]

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Eight Steps to a Successful Content Migration

1.  Create a content inventory – a content inventory helps UX professionals assess the content that currently lives on a site. Typically, this essential information is documented in an Excel spreadsheet where names, URLs and media types are identified to simplify the content migration process. 2. Obtain an inventory of binary files (images, PDFs, CSS [...]

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When Life Gets in the Way

After a tough month and a half of severe insomnia I came across an article “When Life Gets In The Way of Your Creative Life” by Kerri Williams. Discovering this factoid of wisdom in the midst of a difficult time was both inspiring and encouraging. It addressed a very important question ‘What can you do [...]

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Highlights From Chicago Content Strategy Meetup with Kristina Halvorson

[View the story "Highlights from Chicago CS Meetup with Kristina Halvorson" on Storify]

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David Perez Leaves Leo Burnett for AKQA

Creative recruiter David Perez left his gig at Leo Burnett Chicago in April to work as a creative recruiter at international ad agency AKQA in San Francisco, according to Agency Spy. AKQA confirmed Perez’s arrival to the Bay Area, and his official title is now senior creative recruiting manager. And he reports to Jennifer Remling, [...]

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Digitas is Collaboration, Digital Advertising and New Talent

So maybe creative directors at Digitas don’t drink vodka at their desks like in Mad Men, but at least Miller Coors is on tap in the agency’s kitchen. Ad Age ranked Digitas number 13 on their Best Places to Work List for 2012 so the work hard play hard mentality has served the agency well. [...]

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Ten Ways to Turn Editorial Knowledge into Web Content

1. Understand the Basics of Content Strategy If you have aspirations of becoming a copywriter, brand journalist, or an editor then you must understand the basics of planning for content on the web (content strategy). 2. Practice Makes Perfect In order to become a better writer, you must practice, practice and then practice some more. [...]

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How to De-stress Before College Graduation

Students graduating from college this year are under a little more pressure than their parents’ generation was. Eight percent of the population above the age of 25 is unemployed, according the United States Department of Labor. So prospective candidates have to work a lot harder to get noticed by hiring managers and human resources professionals. [...]

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Four Ways to Find a Fulfilling Career in Communications

There are countless books written about how to be successful, happy and find love. These self help books neglect to tell you the harsh realities of life. Some students in college have a laissez-faire attitude towards their job search. This baffles me. These students mask their fears of failure by acting like they’re not worried [...]

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