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Tracing the Roots of Social Media Back to Friendster

The rise of social media has changed the way our society functions. It has become a part of our collective history. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are just a few social networks that have become popular within the last decade. Let’s trace the history of social media, shall we? The timeline below provides a general framework [...]

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Pinterest Takes the Stage with 11.7 Million Active Users

Guest Post by Lauren Rossi Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing social media outlets on the web. Just this month, it became one of the top 10 most used social networking sites. In case you’re not familiar with the site, it’s a place where individuals can post a collection of images and [...]

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Four Ways to Network Before College Graduation

Between homework, classes and internships it can be very difficult to make connections in the advertising and public relations industry. If you’re aunt works in the marketing department at Chanel, then you should thank your lucky stars. For the rest of us, it’s takes a lot of hard work to network with professionals and find [...]

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Ogilvy, and Leo Burnett Set the Trend for Social Recruiting

There are a handful of brands that I follow closely on the web, including Leo Burnett, and Ogilvy and Mather. Since I’m graduating in May, 2012 from Loyola University finding a full-time job is at the top of my mind. Naturally, companies addressing this immediate concern have my undivided attention. Here’s how Ogilvy and Leo [...]

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Three Lethal Blunders Marketers Make on Twitter

Recently, a Chief Technology Officer asked me what are the most common mistakes marketers make on Twitter? Managing multiple twitter accounts for echogravity over the last six months prepared me to answer this question.  So after some consideration, I compiled a of the three most common, yet lethal mistakes marketers make on Twitter. Feel free [...]

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Landing Your Dream Job with Social Media

According to an economic news release from the United States Department of Labor, 13.1 million people are currently unemployed. The prospect of finding a job during the Great Recession may seem daunting to you. But take heart because 89 percent of companies used social media last year for recruiting as reported by Mashable. If you’re [...]

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Twitter Gave Me a Content Strategy for this Blog

[View the story "Twitter Gave Me a Content Strategy for this Blog" on Storify]

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Three Reasons to Participate in Twitter Chats

About two years ago I was a “twitter baby,” with little to no experience utilizing Twitter’s numerous social networking tools. Facebook was all the rage back then, and quite frankly I was enamored by it. Managing five Twitter accounts for echogravity, an inbound marketing firm forced me to learn about twitter and all that it has [...]

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